Three Steps You Can Take Now When Buying Hunting Land

The big buck is waiting for you! Don't wait to buy hunting land.


Fall is Coming, Are Your Ready?

Late August is upon us and for many this means getting ready for hunting season which is just around the corner.  Getting decoys cleaned up and organized, pulling trail camera cards, hanging tree stands, and practicing at the range it’s all part of the pre-season ritual, except maybe you’ve left one thing out this year – land!  While it’s true that late spring through mid summer is probably the ideal time to buy hunting land, late summer into early October is also a very popular time for land sales.  

The primary problem with purchasing property this close to hunting season is time.  The deadline of opening day looms closer with every day that passes.  With this in mind there are three things you need to do if you are still in the market for hunting land.

How Much Can You Afford?

First, determine your price range and financing options.  Knowing how much you can spend is very important no matter when you are planning to buy, and is always the first step when purchasing property.  Establish how much you can afford and how much cash you will need to make a purchase.  If you are planning to finance your purchase contact lenders who are familiar with making loans on recreational property.  Get pre-qualified now so you will be ready to pull the trigger when you find the parcel you are looking for.  Read our article on hunting land financing to get up to speed on recreational property loans.  

Where and How Much?

Once you know your price range, determine the area you wish to purchase land in and the size of the property you want.  As a general rule, the closer to the Twin Cities, the higher the per acre cost will be.  If you wish to be close to the metro area, you may have to sacrifice on how many acres you will be able to afford.  On the other hand you will probably be able to buy more land for your money if you are willing to put up with a longer drive.  Use the Town and Country Team website to browse for land that is currently for sale throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

Seek Out Professional Advice

Your third step is to contact a realtor and get your search started in earnest.  Working with a real estate agent who is experienced with hunting land purchases and knows the market you are targeting is important, however it is crucial now that you don’t have any time to waste.  The agents at the Town and Country Team of Timber Ghost Realty can help you today and guide you through the process of buying your hunting spot.  Contact us or call us now at 651-362-0123.

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